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Pakistan customers visiting solar battery factory

0 Published by admin Nov 30,2020

Pakistan customers visiting solar battery factory

On 9th April, Pakistan customers visited solar battery factory in Foshan. They are mainly looking battery models, including 12V 100Ah-250Ah, 2V 300Ah-1000Ah, 6V 380Ah, 6V 420Ah battery for solar system and 12V 7Ah VRLA/AGM battery.

12v 200ah solar battery.jpg

They are very gentle and professional. We show customers around the entire battery production line and whole process of charging battery. Customers were very satisfied, because it is very clean on our environment as well as workers are friendly for their visiting.
solar power battery.jpg

solar system battery.jpg

We warmly welcome customers visit our factory anytime,and will try our best to give you best solutions about renewable energy solutions.