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Solar panel applications-solar headphones OnBeat

0 Published by admin Mar 19,2020

A person's journey, the music is often an indispensable part, but very often, due to long-distance travel, power will let you can not always listen to music to travel.


Recently, the Scottish audio engineers developed the solar headphones OnBeat, can charge for mobile phones and tablet PCs. The headset comes with a flexible solar panel that captures sunlight. Headset part of the head using a flexible solar cell design, which can bring enough power for the headset, can continue to charge for electronic devices or USB devices, in order to achieve while listening to music while charging.


OnBeat installed solar cell surface area of 50 square centimeters, the use of polysilicon materials, can produce about 0.5W of electricity. The amount of electricity generated by the solar cell is stored in two rechargeable lithium batteries installed in the ear cup.


OnBeat headset is not through the interface to charge the phone, but through the USB port connected with the phone to charge. To catch up with the rain, the user can connect the OnBeat to a socket or a computer via a USB port to charge the headset battery. Use your headset to charge your phone when you're away.


In addition, the solar panel is also designed with two lithium-ion batteries to provide sufficient energy to maintain the stability of the iPad and iPhone charging. At present this solar charging headset is still in the prototype stage, but can already use solar panels and rechargeable batteries to keep the device running for a day.


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